#AskJerome Round #1

Jerome Randle took questions from fans on social media and here are some of them

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What have you enjoyed the most about your time in Australia and Adelaide Jerome?

I’ve enjoyed the people in general and the lovely fans. Great living as well.

Who is the best player you’ve played against this season?

Best player I’ve played against would be Kevin licsh

When are you gonna sign that 10 year deal to stay at the Sixers?

Lol sign a 10 year deal would be nice but I’m not sure

Do you miss eating food from back home, if so what do you miss the most?

I miss the food but only from my mother and grandmother, however you guys have great food and my wife is an outstanding cook.

Who is your all time favourite NBA player?

All time favorite player is Michael Jordan

Whats the best piece of advice you’ve been given during your career?

Best advice I was giving is to watch the people in your circle, people you most trust can somehow have there own agenda as to why they want to be in your life, it can hurt your career. Over experienced it first hand.

what is your plan for next season?

Not sure about my plans but I just handle my busy this year and next year will take care of itself.

So far in your time with NBL which stadium has been the best to play in (both atmosphere and court wise) and what game has been a stand out for you in your career within the NBL?

Best court is obviously 36ers court and the best atmosphere would have to be last time we player SYDNEY here in Adelaide down by 24 points and came back to win the game.

will you be doing anymore training camps?

Yes I will be doing a camp really soon and will be sure to let you know asap.

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