Jerome Randle Will Wear No.3 This Season

This year, we will see a number change for two returning players, fan favourites MVP Import, Jerome Randle #9 and Centre Matt Hodgson #3.

When a player comes into the club, they are asked what number they would like. The choices are between 1 and 134 with the exception of the clubs retired numbers. The Adelaide 36ers have retired 4 numbers in our 33-year history. Darryl ‘The Ice-Man’ Pearce #4, Brett Maher #5, Al ‘Mean Machine’ Green #15 and Mark Davis # 33. When Randle arrived mid-season last year as an import, the number he wanted was already taken, and hence, he took #9. Most athletes keep the same number throughout their career in hopes that it is retired at the end of their playing days with a particular club.

Hodgson reflected on last year, “Obviously #1 wasn’t available (Adam Gibson wore the number from 2012-2016 and he recently left to play for the Brisbane Bullets) and so I couldn’t wear it. I ended up flipping a coin to choose between wearing number 2 or 3 for the season. I wasn’t really emotionally attached to the number 3, so when number 1 became available I was keen to give that one up.

“I have always loved number 1 since Amar’e Stoudemire wore it back in his days with the Phoenix Suns. It just so happened that Jerome was the lucky beneficiary of that decision, so everyone is happy about it”

Randle added, “I asked Hodgey for the number because 3 was the number I had most of my career since I was a kid and I wanted to be like Allen Iverson. I had the number 3 all through grade school, high school and college at the University of California.
Jerome Randle

“I asked Hodge because I felt he was too darn big to be wearing a point guard number in my book, and with him being a stand-up dude he gave it to me with no problem.”

The Adelaide 36ers will be playing some pre-season games this week up in Darwin for the Top End Classic. They will be playing 3 games against the Illawarra Hawks on Wednesday 17 August, Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th.

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  1. Jerome is King!!!!

    Hope you have a long future in Adelaide, we love you here mate!!

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