Jerome Handle Randle Clinic

The Jerome ‘Handle’ Randle Basketball Clinic was run on the 23rd and 24th of December. It was an all-round fun and inclusive experience for kids of all ages to help polish their skills and build confidence in their basketball abilities.  I, along with several other parents, was able to get a front row seat to observe the depth and knowledge Jerome imparts as well and his impeccable manner with children. Jerome ‘Handle’ Randle can absolutely handle anything that comes his way.

The first day ran from 9.30am to 2:30pm. An intensive skills and fundamentals training clinic. Jerome goes through a wide range of, dribbling and ball handling drills. From ball control and protection to the showstopping styling he’s famous for. Jerome is thorough with his training and teaching. Taking time to properly explain his skills, making sure every child is picking up what is being taught.

The court feels like any professional basketball training session. With all the kids being carefully guided though drills you would see any NBL player participate in. This legitimacy is cemented with the other NBL players who come in to mentor the children. The likes of Nathan Sobey, Majok Deng, Eric Jacobson, and Rasheed Tucker all came down to help out the kids and pass down their wisdom to the younger generation. With everything coordinated by Jerome, the clinic is split into age groups with each group going through related exercises tailored to their skill level. Randle himself scouts for talent. Encouraging kids who express exceptional abilities to mix it up with the older kids and test themselves. The environment and friendly nature of basketball has everyone including and supporting one another. Cheers ring out from everyone for their fellow student’s achievements and with the oldest teenager’s high fiving the youngest kids. By the end of the first jam packed day each kid is full to brim with new knowledge, skills, and confidence.

The second day ran from 1pm to 5pm. Each mentor again taking an age group of kids and running them through drills to implement what they’ve been taught. The students rotate from each mentor every 15 minutes or so to work on a wide range of aspects to their game. The 2nd day is made out as a more light hearted practice day with Jerome running them through fun games and drills while still advising and encouraging to solidify the teachings.


As the day comes to a close Randle and Co get the kids to show their competitive spirit with a series of games, with prizes on the line for the winners. The prizes, organised by Mrs Randle, range from signed basketballs to, something for the parents, like massage vouchers. Everyone gets involved in the games, cheering each other on. Eric Jacobson especially, hollering at every made shot, he can be quoted as saying, “Kids got ice in his veins.”, in regards to one of the talented shooters in attendance. With the clinic over everyone can easily say that they have gotten a tremendous amount from the course. The teachers have gone the extra distance to make sure every child is attended to, taking away more then they came with. Each student leaves feeling confidant with their abilities and more importantly with a smile on their face.

With Randle’s position within the Adelaide 36ers, the Jerome Randle clinic receives a huge amount of support from them. From the before mentioned assistance from other players, to equipment, and stellar organizational help from other 36ers staff as well as the access to Titanium Security Arena. Being able to watch your child courtside at the Adelaide 36ers home ground is a fun and surreal experience.

The Jerome Handle Randle organization is quickly growing as the premier basketball coaching group in Adelaide. It can be undoubtedly said that JHR is a true family. During the day Jerome and Mrs Randle spoke and spent time with many of the parents. Everyone involved is welcomed warmly, with open arms as they all strive to help grow the next generation of basketballers. Randle and the other Adelaide 36ers are always happy to hang around for photos, autographs and last minute words of advice and encouragement. The Randle family isn’t shy by any stretch of the imagination and they do all that they can to integrate the other families that take part and make them feel welcome.

Speaking with Jerome afterwards he explained the joy he feels teaching the kids. Saying he gets as much satisfaction from education and engagement as he does from a big 36ers game.

Jerome Randle’s next clinic is in Loxton on the 22nd January 2017. For more information head to www.jeromehandlerandle.com or check out his page on Facebook.